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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

We want our visitors to have a great time browsing these pages while respecting the works of Ang Hoon Seng. So please help observe our terms and conditions while browsing these pages. Thank you.

Privacy Policy

All works of art posted on this site are the intellectual property of Ang Hoon Seng.

  • If you wish to use any of these works, please email or wrtie to us via the "Contact Us" page.

  • No copying or replication in print or any other media is allowed without prior permission.

  • Absolutely no modification to any of Ang Hoon Seng's works is permitted.

  • You can't use any of these works for commercial purposes or public display without prior permission.


Sharing Ang Hoon Seng's works

  • You may download to your personal computer and share with your friends, subject to our terms and conditions. Afterall, Mr Ang would very much like to promote this Chinese culture. However, please respect his work and give him the acknowledgement and credit.

Terms of Use & Disclaimer

This site is owned and managed by Art In Marketing. Images posted may not be in the best resolution. If you wish to view the actual artwork, please contact us.


All works is provided "as-is" and we are not liable for the accuracy of any of the information posted.


We are not responsible for any opinions posted by visitors, and we reserve the right to remove any offensive or inappropriate comments at our discretion.


Should there be links to external sites which we feel may be relevant to this learning journey, we are not responsible for the content or safety of these sites, and you agree to visit these links at your own risk.


We may revise or update these terms as and when necessary without prior notice.


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