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Calligraphy in Different Forms


Ang Hoon Seng is constantly seeking differnt ways to express the beauty of Chinese calligraphy. Here you will see some of his explorations.

Callligraphy on bamboo splits


These bamboo splits are carefully selected and hand-made by Ang Hoon Seng.


He then carefully composes his calligraphy, usually in mini kai-shu (regular script) on each panel, taking great care to ensure the absorbtion of the ink is perfectly balanced.

Calligraphy in wood


Wood is so beautiful in itself. It's nature. Ang Hoon Seng is always looking for a good piece of wood to showcase Chinese calligraphy.


His wood craft skills are self taught, and he experiments with many types of wood from Singapore to China to Australia.

Chinese brush painting


Chinese brush painting is another key art form that dates back centuries. Even with just 1 colour, a mesmerizing landscape can be created.


Ang Hoon Seng focuses more on 1-colour scenary, with emphasis on the balance between mountain, rivers or streams and trees.

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